Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shabby Chic-style Bed Canopy

At the time that I wrote this, our nearest IKEA was 8 hours away!  Every time I get the chance to visit an IKEA, I love to browse and often end up spending too much on things that will "make my life easier".

But...when I saw a fun bed canopy for $20 I couldn't justify it as a need or as anything that would really make my life easier.  I did love IKEA's idea and started perusing garage sales for anything like it.  Amazingly, I did find a plain white one at a garage sale for just $5!    I've seen that people have also made these out of hula hoops - which is a pretty brilliant idea if you can't find it at a garage sale.

I purchased green and pink fabric to match my daughter's room; just 1/2 yard of one and 1 yard of the other, with coupons, it cost me around $4.50  So, this cost about $9 and the time it took to make (which wasn't very much once my sister-in-law, Mandy suggested that I glue gun the triangles to the hoop; I had been trying to figure out how to sew them together in a circle and loop the hoop into the fabric).  The tulle I got for free from Mandy as well (she seems to have an entire dresser full of it).
True, it was almost $10 in the end, but I kind of like the size and how soft it looks.  And because it is tailor made to match her room, I even like it more than the one I saw at IKEA!

This was a left-over triangle from an Easter banner I made which I used as a template.

Tracing the triangle

Getting the triangles in order
Gluing them onto the garage sale hoop.

(Update: IKEA no longer sells the canopy that I was describing, but it was looked a lot like the one above only with a fun circus-y feel and bright primary colors.)