Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Wreath

Okay, I know it has been such a long time since I've posted...all I can say is busy, holidays, stomach flu and strep throat. year, new goals, new ideas for this blog.

I actually made this last year, but it was finished long after winter was over so I saved it for after new years this year.

I found this picture in a Martha Stewart magazine years ago and ripped it out "to make later".  (Update: I just clicked on that link and found that it takes you to an entire line up of wreaths by Martha, so just click on the arrow button.  The Sweet-gum wreath is on the 2nd page.) It looked so easy and I liked the colors and thought that a silver wreath in January would be nice.  So, after years (at least 3) of thinking about that ripped out piece of paper with the beautiful wreath, last January my daughter and I went to our community college to pick up all the sweet gum fruits we needed.   It was a fun activity for her and I and we came back with more than we needed (but we had to fill the bucket).
 I had a foam wreath that I'd gotten at a garage sale so I started just putting them on as tightly as I could.
 Unfortunately, this is as far as I got for a long time because those prickly points actually hurt - just to forewarn you!  Also, I usually walk away after using a glue gun with tons of burnt fingers (which is why I usually stick to big furniture projects). 
But I'm glad I persevered (and got a good deal of help from my mom (who happened to be March) because I really like the end result!