Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: Jenga, a Fun Going-Away Gift Idea

As you may know, we moved recently and with school ending, so many people seem to be moving to knew homes in new places. 

Here's a fun going-away gift idea that was given to my family from my good friend in Kansas City. 
Each person at our going away party wrote a little note on every Jenga piece.  I LOVE this idea because notes on paper are harder for me to keep track of!  But on Jenga pieces, well, we get to read them each time we play!  And each piece now brings a little smile or a fun memory or just a moment to reminisce.



  1. Fantastic and really fun idea! I'm going to use this as a going away present for a 2nd grade student in my class. What a wonderful way for him to remember his friends.

    1. Wonderful idea to give it to a child from his classmates!


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