Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: One Brilliantly-fun Bubble-themed Birthday Party

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday so I thought I'd share a past Bubble Birthday Party that was brilliantly fun!  Other than the cake and edible bubbles, the whole theme was super easy to put together.  I probably will make edible bubbles again...but not when I have a deadline!  If you decide to make some be sure to give yourself some extra time.   

Summer parties are perfect for Bubble Birthday Parties because it's hot and you can let the kids get wet, and in this case sudsie. 

First of all, think all things bubble:
  • Games/Activities: 
    • Bubble wrap hopscotch
    • Blasting Bubbles (water balloon toss/fight)
    • Bubble blowing contest in milk
    • Blow large bubbles using random household items.  I had the kids find them in from various places around the house
    • Go swimming - who can make the most bubbles while making a Cannon Ball?
  • Food:
    • Bubble cake - 
      • I made ours out of a spherical cake pan. 
      • The bubble wand was out of a shortcake mold
      • The bubbles were made from the insides of a York Peppermint Patty and out of jello (you check out some tutorials here, here, and here - they're pretty fun and messy to make!).
    • Bubble gum
  • Party Favors:
    • Bubble necklaces and bracelets (iridescent blue bead necklaces from the Dollar Tree)
Then go at it and let the kiddos have a blast!

Getting the York patty ready by cutting all the chocolate off, then rolling the white inside into small balls.
Preparing the jello bubbles for the cake.
Baking the sphere halves and the shortcake shapes.

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