Friday, June 19, 2015

Furniture Friday: Antique Folding Chairs

My husband and I both come from large families which means that there is lots of opportunity for our previously very small house to host lots and lots of people for dinners and family time together.  Because of it's size, I often searched garage sales for small chairs that would increase our seating.  So, imagine my excitement when I came upon four antique folding chairs at a garage sale!

Again with the cherry stain.  And the upholstery work was loose and shoddy. 

When you're moving and can't find your staple puller, a butter knife works pretty well!

I found these burlap bags at the Goodwill Outlet for $0.49 each!

Below was the original covers for the chair.  I left this on, putting the burlap over it.
A bit blurry, this picture is illustrating the cut-out of the seat deck (where the seat back hits when the chair is not folded).  I had to cut diagonally on the corner and then staple each side to the corner. 

This one is my favorite chair!  N. 12.  Fun!
This one's my husband's favorite.  He really wanted to make sure that "produce of Indonesia" could be deciphered.

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