Monday, August 13, 2012

Cosco Stool re-do: Cleaning Chrome and Using your Glue Gun to Upholster

Let's talk about how to clean chrome with stuff you have hanging around your house.  AND let's talk about using your glue gun to put fun new fabric on your metal furniture:

My grandparents have a few (or more) of the Cosco stools like this one and even this one but the one with all the great memories for me was this one.  That stool sits in their kitchen near the peninsula.  Every evening that I visited, my grandfather would sit on the stool and say "Wouldn't you like some ice cream before bed?" and he would proceed to scoop great mounds of ice cream into a bowl while sitting in the stool.

How could I not want a Cosco stool after so many fun and delicious memories?  So, I've been on the hunt for one for a while.  But those stools are expensive!  I did find one from the 80s at a garage sale, but it wasn't quite right, nor was it as sturdy as the "vintage" ones.  But I found this one:  It isn't as old and wonderful as my grandparents' but it had potential.

The chrome had paint and black marks all over it.  So, I found some 90% rubbing alcohol and some aluminum foil and gently scrubbed it off - (It came off so easily!!)

 That's it, two items you probably have in your house!  Aluminum Foil and Rubbing Alcohol!

It also had some ugly, ripped white vinyl cover on the seat.  I pulled it off to make way for the new fabric.                                        
I covered the entire chair/stool with paper, tape and an old towel so I could spray paint it. 

Deciding which fabric with sea green and orange will look best.

Tracing the old vinyl.

Craft spray glue to attach the fabric.
And then glue the edges to the metal using your glue gun.  (You can see a video tutorial on another Cosco stool I've done with a glue gun here.)

Maybe someday I'll have one as old and as sturdy as Grandpa Gillis', but in the meantime, I really, really like how this one turned out.


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