Sunday, April 15, 2012

Once an Ugly Black Desk, Now a Lovely Set of Bedside Tables

My neighbor was searching for some side tables for her new master bedroom.  Unfortunately, the wall her bed rests against is very small, so the size of the side tables also needed to be small but, as with all small spaces, there needed to be opportunities for storage and for function.
I found this ugly (and believe me it looks better in the picture than it did in person!) black desk waiting for the garbage truck and couldn't wait to get it home to cut it in two!:
1. I took out the center drawer and cut the top with my circular saw.
2. Then, since I don't own a router but needed to cover my not-so-straight cut and make the sides look the same all around, I purchased some of this:
 3. I wood-glued and nailed the pieces around the top and down the two sides.
4. I purchased the center medalions from Lowes; they were on sale for a little under 3 dollars each!
The knobs were from IKEA for just $1.99 for a package of 6.

5.  I then painted them all white and highlighted the curves and details with antiquing glaze.  I use an old toothbrush and "brush" all the grooves, then wipe it off with a moist cloth until it is the desired look.   Then I sanded a few of the corners to give it more of a worn look.
6.  If I were to do it again, I would have put some of this wax on them for extra protection, but here is what they look like functioning in the room:


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