Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Job Charts

 When I was a little girl, my siblings and I had a few different job charts.  But my favorite one was on a board with hooks where we could turn a picture of the job over when we had finished it.  I loved the feeling of satisfaction I got when I had completed the job and got to turn over the picture.  

I have a smaller house (though it's sufficient and I love it!) And the wall space in my home is already covered with things that I wouldn't mind the world seeing, but I didn't want the job chart to be in the living room and I don't have wall space in the kitchen, BUT I needed the charts to be in an easy location for the kids to be able to see it and use it daily.  So I took some left over 1x4s and painted them to match the kids' rooms.  Then printed their names on the computer and colored them in to match the rooms too.  Covered it with Mod-podge and attached the hooks.  The pictures I drew by myself (which is another thing I loved about my mom's version - that they were little art pieces done by her) and had them laminated.  

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