Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hanging Earring Organizer (to match the Thrifty & Conveneient Necklace Holder)

Remember this necklace holder?  Well, after getting my necklaces organized, I felt like I needed a place for my earrings.  There are many great ideas all over Pinterest (i.e.- this cute and well done one).  I liked using vintage printer drawers to store those tiny accessories...but who has the money for a printer drawer?
  So I took off to search my trusty thrift store and found the next best thing; remember the trinket holders from the 80s and 90s that hung on walls and collected dust on all your little knick-knacks?  you know, with tiny animals and stuff from trips? Yeah, those.

Here's what I like about them: they already have devices on the back making them ready to hang on a wall, they are a little smaller than your average printer drawer and they are more likely to be in a person's budget.  I got my first one for $1.  But after finishing one, I realized that I needed another to hold all my earrings; so I found the other one at a garage sale for a quarter!

The expense is in the eye-hooks (about $7 for all three packs that I bought), the paper to allow it to match my necklace organizer (still was only about $1), and the paint (except I used leftover spray paint from other projects - so that was really no cost.  Making both earring organizers a little under $10!

So, here's what I did:
1. Found the trinket holder.  (I actually found them about a year apart so it turned out that one is slightly smaller than the other and they are a slightly different color of white - but you can't tell too much when they're hanging on my wall.)  
2. Spray painted the holder.  I also spray painted the eye hooks but I must have forgotten to take a picture of them - whoops!  They do great with primer and then to match my necklace holder and my beachy theme, I painted them oil-rubbed bronze and plain white.

3. Next I matched a drill bit to the size of the screw part of the eye-hook and drilled really slowly (so the bit wouldn't go through to the other side since the wood was only 1/4 in thick)

4. Then, Modge Podge was used to place craft paper into each section desired. (no picture here either - sorry)

5. Let it dry, screw the eye-hooks into place and with the wall hanging thingys that are already there, hang on the wall. 

(yup, I have lots of silver and blue)

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