Friday, February 5, 2016

Furniture Fridays: When Sanding Deglosser Fails

If you've read other posts of mine, you'll find that I usually LOVE Sanding Deglosser!  It has a lot of the benefits of sanding, only with the ability to reach the little nooks and crannies of your furniture project, and without the mess of sawdust flying about.

I've done many projects with it.  It speeds up the prep-time to paint and generally just makes my life easier.

During the last two weeks however, it has failed me!  Twice!  Both of my pieces of furniture were very old, antique pieces. They both had chipping varnish, or places where it had completely worn off.

On the chair, featured last Friday, I used sanding deglosser in order to prep it to spray paint a bright, fun color.  The small bench/table that is shown in this post, I first sanded, then used sanding deglosser.

When I spray painted both pieces, many parts of the furniture became mottled and splotchy!

Like this...
And this!

I don't know why that happened but I'll tell you what I did to fix the problem.  Chalk Paint.  As mentioned before, I'm a new user of chalk paint, but it seemed like a plausible solution.

Homemade chalk paint - I used this recipe at the ClumsyCrafter

For the chair, I just finished out the project with chalk paint and buffed wax.

For the bench, though, I had yellow chalkpaint, but it wasn't quite the color I was looking for (because you know I'm just using stuff I find around my house, or that of my friends' houses).  But I had yellow spray paint that was really close to the color in my fabric.  

After trying twice to eliminate the splotchy paint, I covered the bench with light yellow chalk paint.

 When that was dry, I spray painted the piece the yellow I wanted.
I believe the chalk paint acted as a binder for the spray paint to bond to.

I think my foam is too thick for the small bench, but other than that, I like how it turned out!


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