Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas Frame Wreath

Anyone can make this simple and fast Christmas decoration just by using an old frame, some burlap, Christmas ornaments, string and a computer!  

Last year on Pinterest I was intrigued by the amount of door decorations that were actually picture frames.  I also LOVE burlap, so after perusing my basement for the right wooden frame and promptly painting it white, I stapled some burlap into the frame.

Luckily at I also found some beautiful vintage Christmas baubles when someone was getting rid of them at church.  They were strung with some green taffeta string, and also stapled onto the frame as well.

Next, I cut out little triangles from scrapbook paper and put sticker letters on the triangles spelling out "Have a very merry Christmas" (but you could just type it out in a word document and put it through your printer too).

I then took the string and strung it through each triangle and then "sewed" it through the burlap.

All finished!  It was easy and fast and it was made with stuff that I had just hanging around the house.  I LOVE my Christmas Frame Wreath, and bet you could make one too!

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