Thursday, November 28, 2013


Today is Thanksgiving and I'm enjoying time with family and later with friends so this won't an in depth tutorial. 

 Last year I made an autumn wreath.  When I put it up this year my son mentioned that it was "not really thanksgiving-ish".

I thought of all the different ways I could make it reminiscent of  gratitude: some scrap pieces of wood in the garage with "give thanks" stenciled on it, then attached to the wreath; using some of the burlap which is used to hang the wreath to make a banner;  but in the end, for time purposes and laziness, I decided that I'd type the word "thankful" on some tan card-stock, print it off, cut it into triangles and sew the triangles together with my sewing machine - yes, even on paper!

So, here is the finished product: 

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