Wednesday, November 6, 2013

charging station from the thrift store

We've reached the point where there are so many electronic devises crowding the counter top, that I decided it was time for some kind of charging station.  The mess of cords and trying to find where we had charged our devices the last time was getting annoying and sometimes wasting time (looking for the right cord).

I perused Pinterest and found lots of great ideas, but shortly afterward found this beauty (see below) at my local Salvation Army.

It was already made for me, just waiting for the colors that would fit my home.  So, here's how I changed it:

First, I unscrewed the hinged part to take off the three compartmentalized slanted portion.

 Then, I took off all the black felt.

Spray painted the entire thing. The primer turned it pink.
Then I chose some fun fabric that would match the colors in my kitchen and mod-podged them onto the wood.  It liked to come up at the seams but since there were hinges and I couldn't just glue the fabric into place against the wooden sides, I found some craft sticks, sprayed them to match the rest, and glued them onto the compartmentalized portion.

Then I re-attached the hinges and voila! Ready to be used.

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