Thursday, November 21, 2013

Easy Remake of an Entry Table

I've needed another table in my entryway, but the space is narrow and pretty small.  Luckily, I found the three-drawer table at the Habitat Restore for $40. This is waaay more than I usually spend, but when comparing it to the prices I was finding at "real" stores, it was a bargain!  But red cherry wood is just not my favorite - so paint again, in my favorite sea green/blue color.

I still needed more storage and discovered that the little table (found in someone's garbage pile) fit under it.

Steps I took:
Found tables at Habitat Restore and in a garbage pile
Used sanding de-glosser on both tables; this was especially essential on the small tiered table underneath.  It was a little weathered on the top and very old, unless I wanted to sand it clear to the wood or completely take off the varnish, I saved myself lots of time and work because I used the de-glosser. 

Sprayed with white primer

Spray painted with Krylon, Catalina Mist (I think it's my favorite color right now)

Done! No protective top coat because the spray paint stands up pretty well against every day use - including my husbands keys that get dropped there every day.

This is an easy and fast project!  I finished it in just a few hours.

Here's how it looked for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and January/Winter:

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