Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentine's Wreath

See? Unfinished project.
I've been searching for a cute valentine wreath that will 'pop' against my maroon door but they are difficult to find in colors other than red and pink.  Luckily, this morning, I was getting all my valentine decor out and found, that last year, I had finished one heart-shaped felt bean bag.  Of course the intention was to make enough for a bean bag toss game, but since there was only one cute little heart made and the game idea is on hold, I wondered what it would look like if I attached it to my "winter wreath".

I love it! It's pretty simple, but since there's currently snow on the ground, I like that I can still keep the winter-y feel and also recognize that Valentine's day is coming.  The felt happened to be the same color as my door and all I did to attach it was use two safety pins, so I can take it off and do the same thing year after year.  My sewing job on the heart wasn't even that great!  I used black thread on my top stitch and white in my bobbin - but, mweh, it's not very noticeable. 

Original Valentine Wreath

UPDATE:  I just wanted to add another Valentine aspect to this wreath.  This is a year later (2014).  And I was excited to find that on a stroke of unusual planning ahead, the little heart on my "winter wreath" was in my Valentine box with a note that read "for winter wreath".  I'm hoping that I would have remembered without the note, but still, it was nice to see that sometimes I am organized.  lol!

Since I'm loving the banner/pendant trend, I decided to add one to my wreath this year.

 Using push-pins or thumb tacks (whichever) to attach the banner will allow me to take it out whenever ...........or, maybe add a winter themed banner to the wreath next year.   I love how versatile this silver, gumball wreath can be!  It turned out to be worth the pricked and burnt fingers.  

This banner was simple; just cut out triangles, stenciled letters, glue gun to the string (and glue gun dots on the tips of the triangles (this makes it so the glue at the top won't flip the triangles but weighs them down to hang straight)).

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