Thursday, February 20, 2014

Computer Desk using a thrifted wooden filing cabinet

Our house had a tiny little nook that didn't quite have a purpose.  It was at one time our son's room, a place for an armoire, we thought it could be an extra bedroom, but we finally decided to make it into a small office.

After searching for the perfect office/computer desk with lots of paper storage, etc., and not finding anything to fit in such a small space, we decided that we had better build it ourselves.  So I perused Craigslist and found a wooden filing cabinet. 

It had a beautiful light wood color and brass handles and label holders.  Nice, but just not me.  So, I used Glisser Sander Deglosser and some leftover white paint for the cabinet itself and oil-rubbed bronze spray paint for the brass fixings.

We placed the filing drawer against the wall (that was part of our built-in-partially see-through bookcase (to utilize the big window that had previously been hiding behind the wall in our basement stairwell)). Then added a little shelf for the CPU and made a very skinny top for the printer, monitor, speakers and any other items that the top of a computer desk holds.

To build the desk:

We actually intended to use one piece of wood for the desk with no seams to make it as strong as possible.  Unfortunately, we cut it wrong and had to add the small skinny portion instead.  But with some wood putty, a good sanding, and two small support brackets underneath, the skinny portion worked well after all. 

Then I caulked, sanded some more, and primed the piece.  

In the picture below, the keyboard is on top of the desk.  However, my father had a pull-out keyboard tray that he wasn't using anymore.  It was, of course, I spray painted it white.  Screwed it into the bottom of the desk and it worked perfectly!

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