Thursday, February 27, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Decor on the Cheap!

There are some amazing machines out there that allow you to make all sorts of fun stuff with paper, vinyl, and even fabric.  But I have yet to be able to justify fitting them into my budget.

So...using basic computer software to make letters and pictures on obscure objects is possible while not spending too much money.

All you need is : a printer, colored ink for that printer, some clip art from Microsoft word and time to sit down to cut in minute detail (sure, it takes a lot more time than those awesome slightly coveted products referred to above, but sometimes it's nice to sit down and cut things out, right?).    

Yes, these are just mini-7up bottles from you're regular grocery store.  After enjoying the contents, I just soaked them until the paper was ready to come off and let them dry.  Then attached the letters and clip art with tape.  (I was thinking I'd come back to them shortly after applying the tape, but these babies have held up for two years now - so maybe someday I'll Mod-podge them onto the bottles but for now the tape is working great!)

You can see the bubble from the tape on this "Y" but I wasn't going for perfect, just fast, easy, and fun!
Shamrock from Clip Art in windows.

Wondering about those cute paper shamrocks?  Check out how to make them at sugarbeecrafts.  She has tons of fantastic ideas and creative ways to decorate! 

The white strip is Styrofoam that came with a recent house project.  I covered it (above) with some green and off-white fabric that I found at a garage sale.

The wreath is just one from the dollar store wrapped in an old ripped sheet (which I used for my son's Halloween costume last year).  The smaller, green shamrock "wreath" is actually a garland, also from the dollar store, that I never unraveled.  It's not perfect either, but it was quick and easy to make and I love anything green and white!

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