Thursday, March 6, 2014

From My Wedding Dress to My Kids' Baptismal Clothes

You know that show on TV called "Something Borrowed, Something New" where the bride decides whether she's going to use her mom's wedding dress (re-made) or choose a new one to fit her own style?  

Well, seeing that once made me think that perhaps I should write a post about taking my own wedding dress apart and taking the pieces from it to make my children some part of their baptism clothing.

I decided that my daughter would probably not want to wear my wedding dress,  but I didn't want it sitting around taking up space.  So in 2009, when my son was about to turn eight, I took my dress apart seam by seam with the help of two friends.   (Since this project was important to me and my sewing skills are very, very basic, I needed assistance on a more professional level.) We took the dress apart seam by seam and then used the left over pieces from my son's vest to make part of my daughter's dress in 2012.

The top of my dress was beaded material and it was so intricately pieced together that I didn't use it for either child's baptism clothing.  (I still have it, wondering if I can do anything else with it.)

But with the skirt, there was enough material that I was able to make my son's vest...

And my daughter's puffed sleeves and bodice. 

He was able to wear his vest for nearly two years worth of Sundays. And my daughter, who is now almost 10, wore her dress last Sunday, so the effort lasted more than one or two days for a wedding and much more than just the day of their baptism. 

I love that the dress that my grandmother made for my most special day became special white clothing for my kids on their special days!

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