Thursday, March 13, 2014

A $9 light fixture - good deal, right?

We've been remodeling our master bathroom, which I'll post about next week, the meantime...let me tell you about this $9 light fixture.   

I'm a big fan of the Habitat Re-Store and was pleased when I found light fixture for a great price - so much better than a regular home building store!  The Re-Store also has a plethora of glass globes to choose from which I knew could help make the dated fixture a little more modern.
The light fixture itself was $5 and the two new globes were $2 each for a grand total of just $9!  I was so pleased with myself and brought my wares home for my husband and father-in-law to see.  Sadly, I was disappointed by their reactions when I showed them this beautiful brass fixture and reassured them that it would look wonderful spray painted with new globes (which I showed them but they still had the unconvinced looks on their faces).

I happily spray painted the brass with brushed nickel, popped the new globes into their places and finally got the reaction of "oh, yes, that will be nice".   "Nice?!  It's fantastic!", or so I thought anyway.

Fast forward a couple of weeks when it was finally time to install my beautiful fixture.

Apparently it's important to make sure that the light fixture  you get matches the box you put in the wall (our box is rectangular and the fixture is circular).  But no problem, no problem - we worked around doesn't have  to match.
Oh, and the two holes in the center that actually attach it to the wall? Those take a certain kind of screw (at least if you want to have the pretty little knobs showing instead of the screw head of each screw).  Again, crisis averted by me just being excited that it is actually on the wall -- and I'm short, and it's really high up on the'll not be looking up there very often anyway.  lol

Lesson - To save yourself four additional trips to Lowe's and about three hours of headache and frustration, be sure to know exactly what you're looking for!'s just $9

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