Thursday, February 13, 2014

More with dresser drawers before and after

Remember this dresser with the annoying drawers from this post, here?  

 It looked nice, but the bottom two drawers were just that, "two drawers".  I initially thought they were four drawers!  But the two drawers were so bulky they were awful for everyday use.

So I made this instead:

But as annoying those drawers were, in a dresser, I couldn't throw them out.  There are so many ideas for use-of-drawers on Pinterest, and I got the idea from there: I made the drawers into under-bed storage.

 I like them soooo much better than the plastic storage containers we had because I could just spray paint them to match the other paint colors in each room and because the casters really allow them to move in and out from under the bed so easily!

This red one sits under my son's bed holding his Hero Factory Legos.

While this one is in the Master bedroom with my extra sweaters (at least, it's holding sweaters for the winter). 

The casters cost about $12 for all 8 of them.  The knobs I got from Ikea.  Even though we don't have one near us, they are such a great deal, whenever I'm near an Ikea, I head in and grab some knobs...just in case I need them in the future.

*These particular drawers are already pretty tall and with the casters they wouldn't fit under my son's standard metal bed frame easily.  I bought partial risers for his bed and now he has more storage and clean up a cinch!*

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