Friday, August 14, 2015

Furniture Friday: Sagniaw Exapandomatic

I just got back from my grandfather's funeral.  He was 91 years old and was such a great grandpa!  He taught me so much about loving work and the wonderful results that can come from work done well. He gave me my love for making something that is old and tired look nice and renewed.  Grandpa Gillis showed me how to ride my bike for hours, how to get off of it and explore, or stop mid-ride to help someone in need.  He was a great man who loved his family and loved life.

For Furniture Friday, because I was at their home, I remembered this lucrative piece that my grandparents have had since they were married.  Isn't it beautiful?  The details in the trim, and the grains in the wood, it's in pristine shape.

But the thing that is really my favorite about it, is that it's not a side table or a's a table!
Those drawers on the front are just a facade.  The right side opens to reveal leafs for the table and my ever inventive grandpa, added a spot to hold my grandmother's silverware.

I've tried to find this piece before, so my husband and I could have one in our home (you know, I love furniture pieces with double or hidden purposes, like Murphy beds, etc.).
But there were very few of these made.

Today on Ebay, though, I found this piece that is almost just like it so you can check out how it works.

Such fantastic workmanship!!  I get the feeling that the 1950s was a time to utilize furniture in a new ways to save on space in smaller homes...and I love that!

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