Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: Peanut Butter Balls for your Pup (so your dog will take it's medicine)

In the somewhat manicured and controlled environment as our suburban yard was, Polly, our Weimariner-Mix pup, kept pretty safe and her paws were usually in pretty good shape. 

Now that we live in the country, however, we're discovering a few things about keeping her well.  

Last Thursday found her limping around on just three legs.  She had an abscess on one of her paws that required a visit to the vet and three kinds of medication, one for pain, an antibiotic, and Benadryl (for good measure?).

After shoving these down her throat just one time, and the lovely experience that that was, I remembered how much she enjoyed it when my kids shared their "mud balls" with her and decided to make some just for giving her her meds.

So here's some peanut butter balls so your dog will take it's medicine:

 Pull out your peanut butter and some nonfat dry milk. 
 Get your pills ready.
Peanut butter (about 1 1/2 cup)

Dry milk (about 1 cup)

 Start pouring the dry milk into the peanut butter.
 Continue mixing until the peanut butter is no longer sticky enough to stay on your fingers, but almost the thickness and texture of butter cream frosting.

Form the peanut butter-milk mixture into small one inch balls. 
 Stick the pills into the balls and watch your pup enjoy taking her medicine. 

It turned out to be a great idea, because then just two days later, she came back from "getting busy" with a ripped foot pad!  After another visit to the vet we're recognizing that living in the country is a little rougher on dogs, but now she is taking those pills like a champ! 

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