Friday, September 18, 2015

Furniture Friday: Set Backs Make Projects All the Better

At least that's what I'm telling myself!  Remember this post here with a sneak peak to my look-alike Lorraine chair from Restoration Hardware?  Did you see the date on that post?  July 10th!  I'm still working on it!

Some projects just take longer!  We've had a vacation, a business trip, a funeral, and just life happen since then.  I don't consider any of those set backs...those are just life, right?

So, today, I'm posting the almost finished chair with these words of caution:

When you plan to use drop cloth for a chair, make sure you either buy two...or don't use it for three other projects before you start the one you wanted the cloth for! 
Granted, I really like how the other three projects turned out, but, you know, I didn't end up having enough for the cushion cover.  I also couldn't remember where I bought the drop cloth.  I thought I'd save time by staying close to home and purchasing a new drop cloth from our local lumber/home store, Porter's.  Sadly, when I got home, I found that it didn't match the chair.  So, I drove the 20 minutes to Lowe's, where I hopefully bought the first one.  Did you know that drop cloths come in different grades?  I ended up buying the medium grade only to find out that I had previously bought heavy grade.  So, I'm off to Lowe's again to exchange them.  But here's a sneak peak of how it's looking so far:

On a positive note, the delays did help me to rethink some things about how I was putting the piece back together.  I ended up adding double cording AND vintage upholstery studs.  I was only going to put the cording on, but since I initially ran out of fabric, I started adding the stud and I love the dimension and contrasting color it brings to the piece!

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