Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: Dabbling With Photos to Show off some Beadwork

My friend, Rachel, does amazing beadwork! She has made earrings, necklaces, pins, you name it!

Our last name means "one who keeps bees" so I kind of have this thing for bee stuff and she was so kind as to give me a large bee pin when I moved away.

I'm no expert, by any stretch of the imagination on photography, and especially for doing flat lays of photos, but I thought I'd give this a try to show off the beadwork in the bee.

*sigh* There are still shadows.  I think that ideally those shouldn't be there, but if I had of taken it during the day instead of at night I'm sure these would have turned out better.  LOL!

Added fabric for interest (but I didn't really know how to set it into place so I just shuffled it together a little bit and left the bee partially off so it wouldn't get lost in the details of the fabric).

 Shoot from the top?

 Another from the top, with the more contemporary fabric.

 Or at an top/side angle? 
Either way, this was a fun way to spend ten minutes. 

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