Friday, January 23, 2015

Furniture Friday: Just a table and some chairs

A few days before I was suppose to move, a friend from church asked if I could help her refinish her kitchen table and chairs.  This table was beautiful, but it had years of wear and tear and needed a refresher.   So, knowing that it wouldn't take too long (ha!), I headed over and we started working.  (I thought we could do it in about three hours, but it took about five or six because I didn't count on the humid weather extending dry time - so it was two mornings worth of work.)

We used Glisser Sanding Deglosser to make the previous finish tacky so the burgandy color she chose would stick.  We taped off the top of the table, because, look, it still looked great!  And  painted the legs to match the chairs. 

Because I was in such a hurry to finish and get back to packing, this is the only snap shot that we got.  But it turned out nicely didn't it?  And now it matches the curtains and valences she had made for her kitchen windows and sliding door. 

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