Friday, January 2, 2015

Furniture Friday: Of New Goals and Never Giving Up

We all know that most of us make new goals for the new year.  And I have made some personal, family, and blogging goals.  But I wanted to show a project that has taken me forever to finish!

I received this chair from a friend in October of 2013.  Yes, over a year ago!  It had duct tape around one of the legs (which was ominous at the time, but fortunately it was just there for show as there was no damage to the leg at all, whew!).  But the most distressing thing about the chair was that it's seat deck (where you sit) was covered in mildew and black mold and it was warped beyond repair.

Because the paint was good and a nice color, in my mind I thought that just repairing the seat deck would be an easy fix - like 20 minutes to get it back in working order.

 I went to a fabric store and purchased some webbing.  Sadly, this store only carried your typical burlap-y with red stripes webbing.  It did not look good on the chair. 

Then this project got set aside while we fixed our house to sell and during our move. 
In September, after we had moved and life settled down a bit, I wanted to get this easy project out and finish it. But do you know, that everything that could possibly go wrong with such an easy project did go wrong?!

I found some great green webbing the same color as the chair.  But couldn't find my air-compressed staple gun. Waited and searched for it, only to find that all my staples for the gun were too long and went straight through the rungs of the chair.

So, pull out the staples - only I couldn't find my upholstery puller, or my pliers!

Wait and search, find the puller.  Find my hand- staple gun.  No staples.  Go to the store for more staples.  Get them home, ready for the project!  Wrong size staples!  Go back to the store, get it all settled away with the right size, come back home and can't find my webbing stretcher!

I finally broke down and purchased a new webbing stretcher.  And my good husband helped me to finish this project in time for Christmas guests to use.

The moral of the story, to me anyway, is one, to have everything on hand BEFORE you start a project, but more importantly, to not give up.  There were many times when I was so ready to just throw that puppy out the door!  I got it for free so I didn't think it would matter if I kept it to finish or not. 

Sometimes the easiest goals are the most difficult to keep to the end!  I should have been able to finish this in such a short amount of time, and indeed, it only took a little over 30 minutes to do the work.  But without the proper materials and some outside help, this little green chair would have been thrown out with the garbage.

I'm going to try to remember that for my new year's resolutions this year.  Happy New Year to you and good luck in your keeping and making your own goals! 

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