Friday, January 30, 2015

Furniture Friday: Fireplace Built-in for DVDs

My friend, Cammy had a problem.  Her living room focal point, the gas fireplace with a spot for her t.v., was often disheveled.  When they got opportunities to watch a movie together it would take ages to find one because the movies were haphazardly placed anywhere they'd fit on top of the mantle.  She is a wonderful mother to five boisterous kids, has a great husband who is in the military, and has a natural desire to let tidiness in her home bring peace to the whole clan.

While I was visiting one day, she mentioned how the state of her DVDs were a little frustrating.  I suggested building two shelf-towers on either side of the fireplace for storage.

We didn't get step-by-step pictures because we were trying to finish it really quickly (in just one day and still be able to take our children swimming).

You can get an idea of how to make one here and here.  But this is basically what we did:

  1. Measured our available space and divided it so that the shelves would be symmetrical to one another on each side of the fireplace.
  2. Measured the DVDs so that we made each shelf the correct height.
  3. She didn't own a table saw, nor did I lug mine over to her house, so we used a circular saw to make our cuts.  This made pretty rough cuts and not all of them were straight, but with a good dose of caulk and some paint, it worked out just fine.
  4. Nail-gunned the pieces together.
  5. Caulked like crazy!
  6. Painted.
  7. Then put into place next to the fireplace.
  8. Another bit of caulk to make it look seamless and like it was built by the spec home construction team.
  9. Touch up paint.
  10. Done!
Did I mention that I LOVE built-ins?!  Love 'em!

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