Friday, July 3, 2015

Furniture Friday: Pianos = Furniture

Since I grew up in a hugely musical family, where the piano was revered and treated as a person, many times these pianos turned furniture makes me freak out a little! In fact, though it matches nothing in my house, I can't even get myself to paint or stain my piano, it seems sacrilegious!

BUT because of my love of music, I kinda want to find a beat up old piano that is doomed for the land-fill and make it useful again. Here are some of the fun ideas I like:

Again, I don't drink, but I found this piano at the Brass Armadillo in Missouri.  I love how they put the colored glass where the thin layer of decorated wood used to be.

Who wouldn't LOVE this grand piano turned bookcase!?!  But grand pianos are hard to come by...
So, this might be the next best thing.  It doesn't look nearly as nice though and the keys are gone, so that's a disappointment.  I think I'll keep searching for a beat up, never can be tuned, grand.  
 Again, where are people getting these grand pianos?  This one is nice because it's really dilapidated which makes the flowers pop - like they are giving it new life.
Another garden one. And I spy a trombone in the background too.  I'm liking the dilapidatedness of this one too because it makes all the life and greenery draping over and around it that much more beautiful.  

Yes!  This one is unique and fun.  This actually looks more like it was an antique organ (because it's narrower than a piano) but the concept is the same - and it turned out great!
These two waterfall ones kind of make me cringe, yet they are really, really beautiful! And I like the quote "There's music in water, if you stop and listen..."  LOVE it!

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