Monday, July 20, 2015

Make a Mix Monday: Ranch Dressing Mix

Before moving I tried to use up all of my mixes and have now, finally, started to make some again.  We live further out in the country than we did last year at this time so many times I just don't want to head into town for things I need for supper if I can make it at home.

Our supper this particular evening called for some ranch dressing.  I usually have stock piles of Ranch in my house because my daughter likes it with just about everything!  Much to my dismay, however, I didn't have any in the fridge or in the pantry or even in our storage downstairs! Thankfully, I could turn to the internet to help me out on this one. 

I found the ranch dressing mix here on

It turned out pretty good, but I think I'll be adding some garlic salt because it wasn't quite right - a little bland. 

Also, I didn't have any dry buttermilk, but I did have regular dry milk and used that.  Then when I put the milk in, I added lemon juice to the milk to make it like buttermilk.  (1 Tbps lemon juice to 1 cup of milk makes a buttermilk-like taste, I use it all the time for waffles and pancakes.) 

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