Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: A Little Embroidery: Mason jar topper.

There is this fun group in the Greater Kansas City Area that gets together once a month to embroider. Fun, right?!  It's called the Eat, Drink, Stitch Happy Hour.  I don't drink, but it was fun to visit with so many other people who also enjoy embroidering!

Here's what we made at #eatdrinkstitch:

After doing that, my daughter started to show an interest in embroidery work as well.  So, I copied this fantastic Dr. Seuss quote, stuck the fabric and the paper onto our window, traced the words and pictures onto my fabric with a fabric pen and proceeded to show her how to embroider. 

We were donating the Mason jar filled with Paparazzi jewelry to her school fundraiser.  You can check out the great stuff they have here.

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