Monday, February 9, 2015

Make a Mix Monday: Homemade Nesquick vs. Copycat Hershey's Syrup

My goal with Make a Mix Monday is only to share with you what I've found while making a mix, sometimes from Pinterest, sometimes from a make-a-mix cookbook.

I've made the homemade Nesquick twice and found the same result both times: the cocoa does not dissolve well enough for my, or my family's taste, to make this enough like Nesquick. I've tried both this recipe and this recipe.  They both make great hot chocolate recipes, but for just plain cold milk and chocolate mix, we found that the cocoa tends to just float around in the milk and then stick to the stirring spoon when you try to take it out.

So, instead, we've had superb luck with copycat Hershey Syrup recipes.

You are getting the cocoa hot enough to dissolve and then you are able to add the syrup itself to the milk.

My kids LOVE it! And I haven't bought chocolate syrup since last year.

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