Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: Valentine Pillows easy enough for an 8 year old or two

Last year and the year before, I took my daughter out of public school to educate her at home for a bit.  Her good friend also home schooled that year.  So, once a week we got together to do a project or a lab from science.

This project took two mornings, about 3 1/2 hours total, because of teaching and instructing and really trying to let them do all the work.  We worked on their sewing skills, both hand and machine sewing.  When they were finished, they both had a cute, one-of-a-kind Valentine Heart Pillow.

Using fusible interfacing, the girls cut out the the heart shapes and then ironed them on.  This just makes the fabric thicker but more importantly it keeps the fabric in place so that it is sooo much easier to sew!

Then ironed the interfacing onto the front of their pillow.

Interfacing ironed on, ready for the fabric. 

Fabric ready to be ironed to the interfacing.

 She wanted buttons on hers, so that was a good sewing lesson, in and of itself!

 Sewing up the perimeter of the pillow. 

 Stuffing the pillow.  Then they learned how to hand sew it closed.


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