Friday, February 27, 2015

Furniture Friday: Two New Uses for An Antique Bedframe

We have a family friend who is fantastic at finding deals on garbage day!  He called one day to let me know that he'd found two bed frames and asked if I'd like them.  We had been sleeping with just the standard metal frame and no headboard, so I was excited to see these treasures he had found! 

And they were amazing!  Or at least two of them were amazing!  Two were in pretty bad shape.  Unfortunately it was the headboard from one set and the footboard from the other set.  The headboard and footboard did have similar lines so I figured with some good TLC, I could make them look pretty much the same.

The thing about finding items on the road, though, is that sometimes it just doesn't work out like you think it should.  Because they weren't from the same set or maybe because the vintage rails that I had to purchase separately, it just wasn't stationary enough.  Everytime we would get into bed, the headboard would rock back and forth and hit the wall.  You know those old cartoons where the person sits in the center of a brass bed and the headboard and footboard cave in toward each other?  It was a very, very little bit like that.  But it was enough to drive my husband crazy!

For a while we slept a little unsettled wondering if the bed would tip in on us or collapse to the ground.  And I started the search for a new bed.  Luckily I found one at a church yard sale (those are often the best!).  It was only $5!

Oooh, but I loved the lines and the look of that bed!!  I sold the headboard because I felt it was too large for my house and family needs,

And this is what the woman who bought it from me did.  She was getting ready to stencil it.  It is sitting in the rafters of her family's barn where they hold biannual flea markets.

For the footboard, because of wonderful Pinterest and for chalkboard paint our family now has a cute and fun message board.

 Yes, I'm ready for Easter!!  My favorite holiday!


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