Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: Seaglass and Pale Pink Girl's Bedroom

Before we start with the bedroom pictures, here's a visual of basic paint decorating using the 60/30/10 rule and we'll also mention decorating with the rule of 3s.   

Found this image at Color Wheel Harmony
The 60/30/10 rule.  We actually didn't follow the 60/30/10 rule exactly, it turned out to be more 63/25/12. This is fine to do because the "rule" is really a guideline; but I think it's best to stick fairly close to it.  Using this rule, usually the wall color would be 60% of color in the room.  We have a little more than the 60% from the blue in the bedspread.  Because we are a family who LOVES decorating with shades of white, and then using the 30% and 10% to add pops of color, for my daughter's room we chose "Blue Whisper" by Valspar.  Very subtly blue - but blue enough to show. 

The Rule of Threes. This is a rule for the 30% and 10% of color.  The room will look more cohesive when you add at least three 'pops' of the given color instead of just one.  So, in this room, the pink is added three to four times in various places.  And the green is also added at least three times.  It adds dimension and livens up the space. 


While we didn't stick exactly to the "Rule of Threes", because of the pink tulle on the bed canopy, our 23% pink is represented in the bed, the dresser, some artwork.
In this picture you'll see that her side-table was also pink, but we changed that to the seaglass green color to add more green to the bedroom (seen below). 

The 12% green: side table, table lamp, matte and job chart cluster. 

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