Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: Poster Print Couples Photo and an Antique Window Frame

Don't you just love antique windows?  They're so versatile!  But before I get into my love of antique windows, here's a story about a dress.

I was given a very old dress from a woman whom I called Grandma Dickerson. She wasn't really my grandmother, but she was an integral part of my life.  She was a fighter and a fantastic woman!  A few days before her wedding she was in a car accident that left her with multiple broken bones....but she wasn't someone who would let that get in her way!  Instead, she was married in a full body cast!  Another fun thing about Grandma Dickerson is that she had lots of sons, and one daughter.  Her husband was often away on business trips; when he was gone, she'd hand hammers and sledgehammers to her kids and have them take out a wall or help her get ready for some project or another.  Then when her husband returned (he'd be surprised but) they would work together to finish the project she and the boys had started.

Grandma Dickerson loved music and Christmas and popcorn balls!   She always came to my elementary Grandparents Day celebration at school because my own grandparents lived too far away.

So, back to the dress:  she had worn it shortly after she was able to get out of her cast, so that puts it somewhere in the 1940s.

For our ten year anniversary, I wore the dress for our couple photo.  It is one of my favorite! And since it's very, very good to put photos of you and your spouse in your bedroom, I wanted a vintage-y look for our new couples photo.

Enter the antique window.  I found it at a garage sale for just $2!  There are also architectural salvage places all over the place.  So, if you're on the hunt, you could try one of those places.  

Materials Used:

  • A large piece of cardboard from an unused box (free)
  • Antique Window ($2)
  • Black and White Poster print (I got mine from Wal-Mart for around $8) but if you want it even bigger for the same amount of money, check out Mandy's tutorial at Sugar Bee Crafts on Engineer Prints!
  • Elmer's spray glue (I had this already but it can be any price from around $3.80 to $7 depending on where you get it - Target seems to be pretty pricy and Office Depot had the best price that I could find).  
  • White Paint (had on hand, but around $3 for spray paint)
  • Antique Glaze (also had this on hand, because it lasts forever - $8.50)
Because I had most of the items on hand, this project cost me under $20.  
Black and white poster.
Place the window over the poster and see where it needs to be cut.
Cut to size.
Spray the back of the poster and the piece of cardboard with glue.  You'll want to wait for about 5 minutes after spraying, then slowly and carefully place the poster onto the cardboard.

Next just staple the cardboard to the window frame and voila! You're finished!


  1. I love this picture of the two of you and I love this project!


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