Friday, March 13, 2015

Furniture Fridays: Wing Back Chair

While we were going to university, my husband worked in the alumni center.  During that time the department was renovating and offered some of the furniture to us.  So we got this really nice mustard yellow wing back chair. Seriously, nice; as college students it was probably one of the nicest things we owned! 

(Heh, this is Christmas morning and my husband's arm - the only before pic I could find.)

We kept it the lovely mustard color for about three years until I took an upholstery class and needed a project. 

Nate liked red and gold, so below was the end result.  Sadly, we don't own it anymore but it was a very nice, comfy chair and it was a great project to learn how to upholster.  

(And yeah, that's apparently the storage space for our iron. lol)
And you know?  I think that, now, I would like the mustard color better.  Crazy how you change your mind about things, eh? 

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