Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: Upholstery Webbing St. Patrick's Day Banner

I loved the Valentine Banner made from upholstery webbing so much that I decided to use the leftover webbing from my green chair to make a St. Patrick's Day Banner.

It took a while to figure out what to do to make it unique.  I had found the cute burlap hearts and the red ones from Micheal's. But sadly, their selection of St. Paddy's day stuff was not very impressive.  I considered just stenciling each letter of the word "Adhmorort" on a cut piece of branch, but all the branches I could find were either frozen or too wet.   By the way, Adhmorort is the word in Gaelic to convey "good luck to you".  I like it's sound better than "Erin Go Braugh" but I don't have a beautiful Irish accent, which I'm sure would make that sound fantastic!  Well, I ended up not using words at all for this banner (though I do hope to make something soon with the word "Adhmorort" on it).

Instead I was browsing for something else at JoAnn's and found their St. Patrick's day stuff 1/2 off and found a cute felt, place mat surrounded by clovers.

 When I got home, I cut out as many clovers as I could without damaging their shape. 
Then, stitched three of the clovers together for the very center of the banner.  
Cut the burlap webbing and strung them with some green jute twine. 
 And hung it up to enjoy.
 I kinda like it's simplicity.


I was going to save the cut portion (above) of the  place mat for another project, but my daughter wanted to embroider this word poem that she made up.

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