Monday, March 16, 2015

Make a Mix Monday: Onion Soup Mix

Last Monday I posted a recipe for brown gravy mix - which I have since used again, and it was, again, delicious and easy to use!

Today, since I also needed Onion Soup Mix for my grandmother's cabbage rolls, I am posting where I got that recipe, how it turned out and whether or not I thought it sped up the process of cooking time.

I found the recipe over at Raining Hot Coupons.  I liked her recipe because it didn't have turmeric in it, like some of the other recipes I'd found.  Not that I have anything against turmeric!  I just don't always have it sitting in my cupboard, waiting to be used.

The recipe was super-duper easy to make and in the cabbage rolls, it turned out fantastic!  Also, I only had beef bullion granules and not bullion powder, but it turned out just fine anyway.

I thought I'd share 10 great recipes to try with your onion soup mix (the first eight are crock pot recipes!):

  1. Root Beer Roast Beef Sandwiches
  2. Slow Cooker Turkey Breast
  3. Creamy French Onion Pot Roast
  4. Slow Cooker Classic Meatloaf
  5. Slow Cooker French Onion Soup
  6. Ranch and Onion Pork Chops
  7. Pot Roast Tacos
  8. Crockpot Beef Stroganoff
  9. Easy Cranberry Chicken
  10. Tender Onion Baked Chicken

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