Friday, April 3, 2015

Furniture Fridays: Easter-Themed Furniture

Currently I have a lot of furniture in the works:

So instead of showing you a furniture piece that is being worked on in my household, I though I'd share some quirky, fun and cute Easter-themed furniture you can find for your own house. 

For a place to eat your Easter luncheon:

How about a cute place for the little kiddos to sit after a long hunt for Easter eggs?
  This modern sofa looks fun with it's egg-shaped pillows!
 Doesn't this look like the fun place to read a book?  Hopefully it's comfortable!
 And keep this container close by to be used as a book bin.
The dresser would be precious in a baby's bedroom, especially a babe born in the spring!
 This egg-shaped bed is suppose to help you feel that you are "rolling out of one’s very own egg each morning...[letting] you face each day with all the youthful aspect of a newly-hatched chick." Sounds pretty good.  But the real greatness is that this has a built-in massage, lights that replicate sun-rise and sun-set, and a stereo system. 
These didn't look particularly comfortable, but it's because they are suppose to help strengthen your core muscles and give you good posture.  Not bad for an egg.
These are just fun!  It makes me think of a really great kids' section in a library somewhere.  
 And of course, the fantastic egg chair!
 Either kind.
But my favorite Easter-Themed Furniture piece has got to be this crazy chair.  It reminds me of a combination of The March Hare, on Disney's Alice in Wonderland, and the movie Harvey, with Jimmy Stewart. 
I'll probably just be sticking with my Easter throw pillows, kind of like these:

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