Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: Sometimes I Clean My Faucets Like This

Does anyone else have those new faucets with the "pull-out spray" instead of the one that sits beside the actual faucet?  Have you found it hard to clean the hard water and lime scale off of it?  Ours got so bad that it stopped going back into the faucet like it was suppose to and just hung dangling down.  It drove me crazy! 

I tried filling a plastic sandwich bag with Vinegar and then rubberbanding it to the tip of the spray, but it just doesn't work too well on those pull out spray faucets! 

But this worked:  Lots of cups and a jar to get it to just the right height.  And vinegar going all the way into the faucet.  And of course a rag....actually I don't know why the rag is there.  We'll say it's because I was hoping to catch any vinegar that fell out so I could clean something else? 
I'll say it again, this worked!! 

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