Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: Clip Earring Organizer - A Frame, Some Ribbon, And Some Staples

 Right now my daughter is to tally against piercing her ears which is fine by me!  I was allowed to pierce my ears at age 12, but I admit that I did it because my sister did it when she had turned 12.  I was a tomboy and hardly ever wore earrings anyway, but I do remember looking forward to wearing little studs because I thought I looked rather boyish too and I thought it would help people know I was a girl.  Honestly, no-one ever thougtht I was a boy, it was just a crazy idea in my head but those were my reasons for piercing my ears. 

I don't know if my parents gave me the choice of whom to take with me for that momentous occasion, but it was my dad who drove me to the mall for the new holes.  He did a great job at comforting me and reassuring me that it would be fast and hardly hurt at all.  The woman who was doing the piercings drew a dot on either ear with a Sharpie and asked my Dad if it was even.  He replied in the affirmative and she got ready to proceed. 

Unfortunately something happened and she slipped up or something.  Sadly, when she was through, I had one hole in the center of my lobe and the other almost right next to the opening of my ear.  My dreams of just wearing studs were crushed because it looked ridiculous and uneven.  So any time I did wear earrings they had to be dangle-y ones, which I did not prefer!  I did get a re-piercing when I was 19, but that was a long time to wait! 

Anyway! Back to my daughter and her desire not to pierce her ears.  Since does like dressing up on occasion, she has a fair few of clip earrings.  And my hanging earring organizer just doesn't work for them. So we came up with another idea that has worked pretty well. 

We just chose ribbon that matched the colors in her bedroom. Stapled them onto a frame from the thrift store, and voila!  Ready for hanging those clip earrings!
Many of her earrings we've found at garage sales or antique stores, but have you seen the amazingly fun clip earrings they have nowadays?  At places like Claire's?  They didn't have those when I was a kid!  The feather ones!!  And at the top are some gummy bear ones - love them!     

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