Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: You, too, can make these superhero capes!

Not every child is really gung-ho about Superman and Batman but judging from my own two kids and my nieces and nephews, most kids really like capes!

My grandmother is quite a seamstress and made my son two Batman/Superman capes - interchangeable.  While he was wearing it one day, my nieces and nephew expressed their desire to have one (in their 5 year old way).  But they didn't want Superman or Batman.  So, with scraps from my sister's fabric bins, I made them each an interchangeable cape featuring their favorite movie.

At the time, my nephew liked the cartoon Batman with the darker symbols and he loved The Mask of Zorro!  One niece, wanted to coordinate with her brother's and cousin's Batman, so I made one side Robin.  She also loved the move The Incredibles (ironic that she's getting a cape, I know).  The other niece was more of a princess-y type and, though she still wanted a cape, she requested flowers and trees.  

Here's how they turned out:

So let's talk about how the capes were made.

  1. First I cut out an oblong (almost a tear-drop) shape out of the two fabrics that I was using. One for one side of the cape and one for the opposite side of the cape.
  2. Then, for example, on the Zorro/Batman cape, I started to make the Zorro side:  Cut out the black "Z" first, then make shaggy cuts on the yellow fabric slightly larger than the black, and again with the red. 
  3. Next, I sewed the red and yellow fabrics to the black and then the whole thing onto the black fabric of the cape.
  4. For the Batman side, cut the black bat out of the black fabric and sew it onto the grey fabric.
  5. Then place both sides decal-side facing each other (right sides together) and sew them together like you would a pillow. 
  6. Turn it right-side-out and hand stitch the open seam. 
  7. Add Velcro and you're done!

The Zorro cape was the most time consuming, but it only took about an hour to finish that one.  And he LOVED how it turned out and wore it for ages! 

If I were to make one for a princess-y niece now, I think it would be an Elsa or Anna cape.

My grandmother made my son's because she saw some in the store for between $15-$30.  

But I'm telling you, this is a quick, fun, easy project. And I don't even like to sew!! 

So, what kind of cape would your kiddo like? 

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