Monday, April 13, 2015

Make a Mix Monday: Meals in Jar?

I've seen meals in a jar on Pinterest, but always assumed that they wouldn't be large enough to feed a family; a couple maybe, but not a family. 

But I received an email from Mother Earth News (you know, because I moved out to the country and started to sign up for anything and everything that could help me know how to live on land).  This email was advertising the book Meals in a Jar

Here's what they say the book has in it:

Pull it off the shelf. Mix with water. Cook. Serve.

It’s as quick and easy as preparing a box of mac and cheese—but it’s not store-bought junk, it’s your favorite dishes made from scratch. With Meals in a Jar and a little planning, you’ll have your pantry stocked with healthy, delicious ready-to-cook meals, like:
• Tomato Soup with Cheese
• Cheddar Garlic Biscuits
• Cornmeal Pancakes with Syrup
• Breakfast Burritos
• Chicken Chipotle Soup
• Carnitas
• Braised Short Ribs
• Turkey Pot Pie
• Coq Au Vin
• Rustic Fruit Pie

Meals in a Jar is packed with step-by-step instructions for natural breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts that allow even the most inexperienced chefs to make scrumptious, nutritious dishes. Not only are the recipes in this book perfect for carry-along camping fare, rushed weeknight dinners and meals for Dad (or even a teenager) to prepare, they can also be life-savers in times of disasters like fires, blackouts or hurricanes."

Sounds kind of amazing!  I wonder if they can them so they are shelf stable....I might just be ready to give those meals in a jar a try.  Have you ever tried a meal in a jar?  How'd it go?
 I am not getting paid by anyone for my opinion; just expressing my own opinion and curiosity about the book.    

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