Friday, April 17, 2015

Furniture Fridays: A Little Side-Table

I found this little table on the side of the road in someone's garbage.  It was a neglected little yellow-wood side table that just needed some love.  The wood was undamaged and it was exactly what I was looking for.

(We had to use it as a kitchen table for a while when we were remodeling our kitchen.)
At first I just spray painted it white to match things in my bedroom, but then it turned out that my son needed a side-table and his room was decorated sea-side-ish with red, white and blue. 

So, red it turned.

Now, however, he is a young teenager and wants a little change for his room. He's going with navy, gold, and dark walnut wood tones.

Since it was for his room, I had the teen start helping with the stripping process. 
 And sanding in between each coat of stripper.
 After one last sanding, I donned the gloves, placed a cotton sock over it...
 ...and stirred the stain with a paint stick.  
 I like using a sock better than a paint brush because it runs on smoothly and doesn't leave small bubbles like a brush does. 

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