Friday, November 6, 2015

Furniture Fridays: Ways to dress up your dresser

I'm really struggling to try to decorate this house!  My daughter's room is especially tricky (mostly because every suggestion I make she shrugs her shoulders to - but I guess when you're not a "child" but not a teen either, it's hard.  You don't want kid stuff in there, but you kind of want it for the memories but you don't know what teens have in their rooms.  This, at least, is what I'm telling myself about her responses to my questions. 

We had a break through today though, when a seasoned mother/grandmother suggested to me, that since my daughter enjoys nature and wants a lot of natural elements in her room, to take her outside and pick things from nature to put on her walls.   We did it as soon as she got home from school, and she had a blast choosing red and orange and yellow leaves, showing me how she'd arrange them. Then I showed her how to press them between wax paper and leaves of a book. 

BUT the struggle is real with just about everything else in her room!  I've been looking to spruce up her dresser and stumbled across these ideas: 

Foil Dresser - my sister-in-law did this one. 

Portrait Dresser - I love this concept because I enjoy family history and genealogy a lot.


Sheet Music Dresser - Also loving this music dresser!  If only we had have thought of this in my childhood home!  There were five of us kids, each on a different instrument, or two: a trumpet, a coronet, a mellophone, a French horn, a flute, a violin, a cello, a clarinet, and drums.  We also all played the piano at varying abilities and the music for all of those instruments was all over the place!


Lace Dresser

Words Dresser - This is fantastic!  It is titles and words from Beatles songs!!  But it would also be fun to have favorite quotes from a book  or the lyrics from another favorite song - the possibilities are endless!


But the one I'm in love with for my daughter's room is this bird and branch,
Nature Inspired Dresser - it is lovely, don't you think? Now I just need to get her on board! 

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