Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: How I Made Championship Royals gear for Four (for the price of just one shirt at the store)

Currently we are on a very tight budget!  So when the Royals won the world series two Sundays ago and an amazingly fantastic parade was scheduled for last Tuesday, I knew my family and I would love to be wearing some special gear in support of the momentous occasion! 

As I looked for shirts I was crestfallen to find that the least expensive shirt I could find was $24!  That would have been nearly $100 for my little family to get championship shirts.  Plus, the lines to purchase clothing and hats were outrageous! 

Have you ever used freezer paper to make stencils?  It is easy and awesome!  In the past, I've used the freezer paper from the fish we buy (you know, the "make it do, or do without" mentality). But all my fishy freezer paper was gone. 
(FYI, they do wrap the fish in plastic wrap, and then in the freezer paper, so it's not contaminated with fishy smell and it still worked great!) 


As soon as the kiddos were out of school Monday, we drove on over to Michael's to get three shirts and some craft paint. 

We had to go to our local grocery store for the freezer paper (which turned out to be almost $4 cheaper than it was at Wal-Mart). 


  • Print off lettering from your computer at the size you desire for your shirts
  • Print off any pictures that you may want on the design as well
  • Trace the letters from the paper to the freezer paper by putting the shiny side down and tracing on the paper-y side
  • Cut out the inside of the letters (not the outside, I did this twice and had to start over)
  • Using your iron, place the freezer paper onto the shirt
  • Roll or dab your paint over the letters or picture
  • While the paint is still wet, carefully peel off the freezer paper
  • Let dry over night

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