Monday, October 12, 2015

Baking Through the Alphabet, Letter C

The Letter C:

Letter C Meal:

  • Cabbage Rolls
  • Carrots, fresh
  • Celery, fresh
  • Creamed Peas
 Baking the letter C consisted of my dad's recipe for crepes.  I mentioned before that he lived in France for a while.  He claims that the key with any crepe recipe you find (even if it doesn't say it) is to let it set for 4 hours or overnight.  Because you don't want to beat it too much, this allows the milk to soften any clumps of flour that didn't dissolve.  

She's really concentrating to get the 4 tbsp exact!
Letter C Musicals: (* = ones that are , in my opinion, decent or fun to watch; ** = kid friendly; *** = the one we watched for our alphabet musical)

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ***
  •  Disney's Cartoon Cinderella **
  • Charlotte's Web **
  •  Roger's and Hamerstein's Cinderella **
  • Curly Top **
  • Captain January **
  • Carousel *
  • Camelot *
 It had been some time since my kids had seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang so we chose that one to watch for our C musical.  

Of course the Disney cartoon Cinderella is wonderful and funny for young children; as is Charlotte's Web.  

Have you ever seen the Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren?  She is not my favorite actress. Like Gene Kelly, in most movies that I watch with her, her acting is so over-the-top, that I get embarrassed watching her.  BUT, this movie is great!  The Queen is played by Ginger Rogers (yes, the one who danced opposite of Fred Astaire for so many years), and the step-sisters are a hoot!  My sister and I used to laugh and laugh with each other in our bedroom after watching those two with their batty eyes and creaky knees!  

Carousel and Camelot are probably both more suitable for teens and older.  

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