Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baking Through the Alphabet: Letter F

We kind of went crazy with the letter F and made two different meals for it!  

Letter F Meal(s):
  • Fish with French Fried Onions (this was amazing btw - no recipe, just a little salt/pepper and butter on the fish, then topped it with French Fried Onions) 
  • French cut green beans (and no that's not what was pictured, but that's what it was suppose to be LOL
  • Fajitas

 Baking with the Letter F:

My whole family loves anything peanut butter!  So, we loved these! They are called Furnkies (I have no idea why).  My sister-in-law has the recipe up on her blog here and I took the asked if I could use her top photo for my collage.  (I forgot to take a picture because I was, as usual, in a hurry to get these to a party that we were going to, which we were late for; also as usual.) 

Movie Musicals That Start with F:

  • Fiddler On the Roof***
  • Frozen**
  • Follow Me, Boys**
  • Finian's Rainbow**
  • Flower Drum Song*
  • Funny Face*
  • Funny Girl*

There were surprisingly more movie musicals to choose from for F than for E.

We chose to watch Fiddler on the Roof with our kids for this.  It was a good one to watch.  A little bit of historical fiction, good music and some funny with some sad.

Of course Frozen is a musical and it's a great movie!  But we did Fiddler because I wanted them to watch something new.

Follow Me, Boys isn't technically a musical but it does have a catchy little song in it that get stuck in your head for hours.  It's basically about the scouting program and it's impact on young men and communities.  

Funny Girl and Funny Face are both ok.  I would save them for older; Funny Face because it's a little slow moving and Funny Girl because it has some innuendos.

Flower Drum Song and Finian's Rainbow are two other good ones.  Except for the talented songs and dancing by Tommy Steele and the mute girl he dances with, my kids weren't very interested in this show (Finian's Rainbow). 

Update:  I've just learned about another musical that I think I should watch soon:  The Five Pennies.  Anyone ever heard of it? 

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