Friday, October 30, 2015

Furniture Friday: Antique Hat and Umbrella Stand

 This wasn't a large or difficult project. In fact all this project took was a little bit of spray paint. 

I found this antique hat and umbrella stand in someone's garbage pile while I was walking around the neighborhood close to my previous home.  My poor walking partner, Kim, was always such a good sport and would often be ok with an interruption in our walk to help me to load other people's junk in the back of my car - and if it didn't fit in my car, she'd offer to load it into her van and drive it over to my house!  What a great friend, right?!  She's amazing.  But I digress...

My husband and I love this umbrella stand, but when we moved into our new home, there just wasn't a place for it - and now we have a coat closet right by our front door.


He had the fantastic idea of using it for towels and robes in our master bathroom!  I love that he so easily thought of an unconventional way to use a piece of furniture!

Sadly, the hooks on it did not like having wet towels hanging from them and our new white towels now have a number of rust stains on them.

So, today's project was spray painting those hooks so they won't stain our towels and to match the other hardware in our master bath.  

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