Friday, October 9, 2015

Furniture Fridays: Dresser with No Drawers

While visiting my brother, Jon, not long ago, I was driving behind his apartment complex and by the dumpster was this amazing, solid, wood dresser!  It didn't have any drawers, which is probably why  someone got rid of it.  But I remembered that Jon's TV was sitting on his living room floor because he didn't have a surface on which to place it. 

So, I hurried inside to grab him, and we carried it up the steep flights of stairs to his 1970s apartment. (It's awesome place...really!) 

It didn't take long to cut two pieces of wood and place them onto the existing side and center slats in the dresser (the little things on which the drawer would slide in and out). 
After placing them in, I caulked it all over. Then primed it and painted it. 

It's looking good and sleek, like his TV, in his new space - at least he and his roommate like having the TV off the floor!

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